Introducing mymobility®

mymobility® app

Personalized support throughout your orthopedic journey

Wherever you are on your orthopedic journey, the mymobility® app has the information you need to prepare for and recover from surgery.

mymobility is a healthcare app that gives you a constant connection to your surgeon and care team. We use the mymobility app to help you prepare for orthopedic surgery, giving you the ability to take an active role in your personal care and recovery process.

You'll receive convenient reminders, progress reports, support and guidance that's unique to you for increased visibility into your recovery. It's a personalized way to keep you moving and keep you connected like never before.

Key Benefits

The mymobility app provides tools and information that matter to you, including:

How mymobility Works

  • Your surgeon's care plan is programmed into the app to offer you guidance through assigned tasks and reminder notifications designed to optimize your surgical preparation and recovery.
  • Surgical care teams enroll you in the app during your surgical consult and provide access to your procedure-specific care plan on your smartphone.
  • Once enrolled and your account is set up, pair your devices and begin your surgical journey with the mymobility app.

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mymobility care pathways are not available for all orthopedic surgeries and images shown may not represent appropriate activity levels for all patients

Not all patients are candidates for this product and/or procedure, and mymobility can only be used if prescribed by a surgeon for patients identified as appropriate for remote care who have internet access and a text-capable mobile device or a compatible smartphone to use mymobility; not all smartphone app features are available with web-based version.

mymobility is a trademark of Zimmer Biomet or one of its affiliates.