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    Comments: After seeing Dr. Andrew Luu and having my right total hip replacement surgery, I can enjoy my life now. I feel truly blessed to have had the courage and the 'smarts' to get it done with him.

    Do YOU know what joint pain feels like? I BET you do! This is what I felt prior to my surgery.

    Pain feels like an overwhelming tiredness and depression. Because of pain, it’s so hard to get enough energy to get through the day.

    Pain feels like mallets or knives going into your joint with every movement and lots of times when you’re NOT moving and lying in bed or sitting down.

    Pain feels like you have to have a lot of medication and other things
    like acetaminophen PM’s JUST to get to sleep, and even THEN that combo only works ½ the time. You want to dull the pain AND your misery. (Trust me on this)

    Pain feels like you have to put on a pleasant face to the world and pretend you’re happy when you feel hopeless. You don’t want to talk or interact with anyone.

    Pain feels like you want to cry when you’re in stop and go traffic with a right hip joint that’s working itself to shreds. I. mean. SHREDS.

    Pain feels like you’re grateful to be an easy care elite member of your pharmacy because of the 20& discount you get when you’re constantly buying topical lidocaine-based products, topical roll-ons, creams, gels, the very strongest you can get. Even topical CBD.

    Your morning regime is wake up, shuffle to the bathroom, and start taking pain pills and slathering on topical analgesics.

    Pain feels like you might as well just cry, because you're tired of going to the store, hunched over a basket to support you and your joint. You just. feel. OLD, tired, and useless because you can't do anything without so much PAIN.

    You know you need a joint replacement, but you’re scared that it’ll take too long to recover and you think don’t have the time. Yes, it takes courage to give yourself a shake and realize that you need to do something NOW.

    You HAVE the time. You KNOW that it's the right time because you can't live like this anymore.

    To use a common phrase, who you gonna call?!!

    Here's the answer to your joint pain.

    Dr. Andrew Luu, osteopathic surgeon and his wonderful team of professionals.

    He has the skills, the talent, and knows each hip and person’s issues are different. His approach is personal and addresses each of your concerns in a caring way.

    With a manner of you almost being part of his and his team's family, he has the personality that you wish other doctors had. He’ll make you feel wonderful about your decision for surgery before and after the operation.

    He’ll answer all your questions, give you more ideas for questions, and won’t just give lip service to your needs. He and his team truly, really CARE.

    I am so happy and proud of myself that I made the decision for my right hip surgery with Dr. Luu. I can walk up straight. I can trot. I can bend over. I can put my socks and shoes on myself! I can do housework and yard work. I can DANCE!!!

    I just can’t say enough about him, because he was MY surgeon, and he'll CONTINUE to be my surgeon for my May 2022 total left knee replacement and my future left total hip replacement.

    He has offices in La Habra, Santa Fe Springs, and in Whittier, freeway-close.

La Habra Office
1400 South Harbor Blvd
La Habra, CA 90631

Santa Fe Springs Office
12400 Bloomfield Avenue
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Whittier Office
12462 Putnam Street
Suite 402
Whittier, CA 90602