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What is Smart Knee - Persona IQ (Zimmer Biomet)?

Zimmer Biomet's Persona IQ smart knee implant is an innovative, FDA-approved medical device employed in total knee replacement surgery. It is the first implantable device approved to collect data on a patient’s progress after a total knee replacement. The vital information collected is securely transferred to a cloud-based platform for your orthopedic surgeon to review. The data enables your doctor to remotely monitor your recovery with real-world, objective data to supplement your care and actively keep track of your functional progress throughout your recovery.

How Does Smart Knee - Persona IQ (Zimmer Biomet) Work?

Persona IQ from Zimmer Biomet is a state-of-the-art smart knee implant technology that records pertinent gait metrics including step count, sampled average walking speed, and functional knee range of motion (ROM). By using sensor-based technology, Persona IQ allows care teams and doctors to gather patient-specific data during the course of patient monitoring. The data collected through the Persona IQ Implant can be seen by you and your physician on mymobility, an orthopedic care management system app that allows you to connect with your care team and surgeon through your Android, iPhone®, and Apple Watch® before and after surgery. The mymobilty app provides you with a constant connection to your care team, so you will receive progress reports, support, and helpful reminders unique to you. The Smart Knee Persona IQ assisted with mymobility is a personalized way to keep you moving and connected to your care team throughout your recovery process and help you in many other ways including:

  • Understanding your condition and optimizing your health prior to surgery
  • Learning what to expect on the day of surgery
  • Knowing steps you can take to help minimize complications after surgery
  • Progress with your care plan including exercise completion, education, and survey is provided to your care team and surgeon to help them determine your requirement for extra direction or follow-up care.

Indications for Smart Knee - Persona IQ (Zimmer Biomet)

Smart Knee Persona IQ from Zimmer Biomet is indicated for total knee replacement postoperative care. The device can be employed in patients undergoing a cemented total knee replacement procedure, usually with at least a 58 mm-sized tibial stem extension.

The fit, shape, and size of your knee implant can make a considerable difference in your satisfaction post total knee replacement. Hence, Zimmer Biomet’s Persona Knee Implant system was designed to provide your surgeon with more choices to better match your bone’s anatomy.

During a total knee replacement surgery involving the Persona Knee System the damaged or worn out articulating surfaces of the knee joint are removed and replaced with a state-of-the-art Persona® The Personalized Knee system that is comprised of the uniquely designed femur, tibia, and patella components with provisions to make adjustment cuts if needed later. Your surgeon will select Persona Knee implants that best match your knee’s anatomy. Then, on the bottom section of the implant, a small “smart” stem extension is attached. This stem contains sensors that record information such as your step count, walking speed, stride length, and range of motion.

Preparation for Smart Knee - Persona IQ (Zimmer Biomet)

Preoperative preparation for Smart Knee Persona IQ by Zimmer Biomet may involve the following steps:

  • A review of your medical history and a physical examination are performed to check for any medical issues that need to be addressed prior to surgery.
  • Depending on your medical history, social history, and age, you may need to undergo tests such as blood work and imaging to help detect any abnormalities that could compromise the safety of the surgery.
  • You will be asked if you have allergies to medications, anesthesia, or latex.
  • You should inform your doctor of any medications or supplements you are taking or any conditions you have such as heart or lung disease.
  • You may be asked to stop taking certain medications, such as blood thinners, anti-inflammatories, aspirin, or other supplements for a week or two.
  • You should refrain from alcohol and tobacco at least a few days prior to surgery and several weeks after, as it can hinder the healing process.
  • You should not consume any solids or liquids at least 8 hours prior to surgery.
  • You should arrange for someone to drive you home after surgery.
  • A signed informed consent form will be obtained from you after the pros and cons of the surgery have been explained.

Procedure for Smart Knee - Persona IQ (Zimmer Biomet)

Prior to total knee replacement surgery using Persona® The Personalized Knee system, several MRI scans are taken to understand the specific anatomy of the affected knee joint. Based on the MRI images, your surgeon plans the surgery and calculates the cutting measurements, which help your surgeon remove the exact amount of bone, at specific angles. This customized cut provides better implantation, more reliable alignment, and removal of less bone.

The surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia, and in general, involves the following steps:

  • A surgical cut is made over the knee using special instruments to expose the knee joint.
  • Supporting structures of the knee are gently moved out of the way, allowing the removal of damaged cartilage and bone tissue from the surfaces of the femur and tibia.
  • Your surgeon prepares these surfaces appropriately and Persona® The Personalized Knee components by Zimmer Biomet that are uniquely designed to fit your specific knee anatomy are placed into the knee joint and secured with the use of bone cement.
  • Then, the Smart Knee Persona IQ device is implanted on the stem of the knee implant for capturing key kinematic data metrics of your knee.
  • With all the new components and Persona IQ device in place, the knee joint is tested through its range of motion.
  • All surrounding tissues and structures are restored to their normal anatomic position and the instruments are withdrawn.
  • The incisions are closed with sutures and sterile dressings are applied.
  • Following surgery, Persona IQ automatically collects data overnight and is sent directly to your surgeon for review. Persona IQ provides a direct view of patient-specific data for at least 10 years. Through the Persona IQ implant technology, you will have confidence that you are connected to your surgeon and care team, every step of the way.

Postoperative Care and Recovery

    In general, postoperative care instructions and recovery after total knee replacement using the Persona® Knee system and Smart Knee Persona IQ by Zimmer Biomet may involve the following steps:

  • You will be transferred to the recovery area where your nurse will closely observe you for any allergic or anesthetic reactions and monitor your vital signs as you recover from the effects of anesthesia.
  • You may notice pain, swelling, and discomfort in the knee area. Pain and anti-inflammatory medications are provided as needed to address these.
  • Antibiotics are also prescribed to address the risk of surgery-related infection.
  • You will be given assistive devices such as crutches with instructions on restricted weight-bearing for a specified period of time. You are encouraged to walk with assistance as frequently as possible to prevent blood clots.
  • Instructions on surgical site care and bathing will be provided to keep the wound clean and dry.
  • You are advised to keep your leg elevated above the heart level for a defined period while resting to prevent swelling and pain.
  • Refrain from strenuous activities for the first few months and lifting heavy weights for at least 6 months. A gradual increase in activities is recommended.
  • An individualized physical therapy protocol will be designed to help strengthen the knee muscles and optimize knee function.
  • You should be able to resume your normal activities in a couple of months; however, returning to sports may take 6 months or longer.
  • You may return to your work in a couple of months if your job is not too physically demanding. Those with physically demanding jobs will require a longer recovery period.
  • A periodic follow-up appointment will be scheduled to monitor your progress.

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